The Life of Things

The Rope

No 3

Where would we be without rope and knots? Issue Nº 3 of design & crafts magazine MacGuffin explores the fascinating life of the object that binds together pieces of furniture, K2 climbers, redneck cars, Japanese eggs and Mars rovers, inspiring a community of flax spinners, biennale curators, bondage lovers and sailing enthusiasts: Rope. Connoisseurs from designers Bertjan Pot and Brynjar Sigurðarson to writer Arnon Grunberg and artist Françoise Grossen shed their light on something so interwoven with our lives that it deserves a magazine of its own. In stores from September 19, 2016

The Window

No 2

MacGuffin No 2 is all about the fascinating life of windows: opulent Maison Jansen curtains, windowsills with rampaging plants, salvaged sash windows, stormproof shopping displays, refugee camp outlooks, confessions of a window cleaner, the fear of fenestration and Seth Siegelaub’s stunning collection of historic textiles.

The Bed

No 1

MacGuffin No 1 features amazing backstage stories that revolve around our beds: cookie-cut Airbnb bedrooms, customized Do-it-Yourself beds, neat nightingale nests, copulating skyscrapers, instable flowerbeds and deflated airbeds are investigated by writers, critics, designers, craftsmen and photographers like Sam Jacob, Chris Kabel, Noriko Kawakami, Arnoud Holleman, Steven Heller, Wouter Vanstiphout, Madelon Vriesendorp and Labadie/Van Tour.